Mediterranean islands aren’t known for being hotbeds of inventiveness. All that heat. All those ABBA moves to remember as you shimmy down to the harbour to gut halibut. Yet Cyprus has given us Halloumi. A cheese that so defies the laws of physics it makes Heston look like he should work in Subway.

Talking of which, if you want a real sandwich, head to Home. Their Halloumi and Black Olive Tapenade sandwich is our lunchstop of the week.

Beneath a clock as big as Brief Encounter, and next to a sliced up World War Two submarine out in the car park, (honestly, you park anything in Birkenhead these days…) you can enjoy proper coffee, proper nice people and views that the Panoramic, for all its loftiness, can only dream of.

Home, Woodside, Birkenhead. 0151 330 1475

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