vineaYou’ve seen Sideways, right? Every now and then you feel like drowning your sorrows by burying your head into a bucket of wine slops, yeah? Oh, just us then…

Well, appalling behaviour nothwithstanding, the closest you’re going to get to that wine-tour tasting shack is by heading Albert Dock way. Yeah, we know – it’s not known for its excellent terrior, but, trust us, squint a little, and Vinea could so easily be situated on the flinty banks of the Loire.

And, as it’s Friday, we think a liquid lunch is almost obligatory.

Vinea’s mission – to bring an unpretentious ‘Vineyard’ experience to us northern types. And, with their sociable lunch plates, and excellent wine selection, we’d say it was mission accomplished.

Try their mixed plates of cured French and Spanish meats, together with a selection of cheeses and olives (£11.95 for two) and knock back a cheeky Rioja or a steely Chablis and, hey, the weekend est arrivé.

Unit B7, Britannia Pavilion
Albert Dock
0151 707 8962

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