It’s Friday lunchtime and we find ourselves in need of sustenance. We visited the Liverpool Beer Festival the night before and seek something healthy and filling to ward off the background fuzziness. And we know just the place.

SkinniMalinx may have the most ridiculous name in Liverpool, but it knows its onions. And turnips and squash as it goes. They’re today’s soups on sale and, since they’ve run of potatoes to bake, we go for them – but every day brings a new hot meal to the menu.

At over three pounds each the SkinniMalinx soups are not cheap and we’ve yet to see a bowl of soup that isn’t improved by the addition of some crusty bread and salted butter.

But SkinniMalinx is, as the name kind-of suggests, a healthy eaterie. Buy a sandwich and there’s a breakdown of how much fat and carbs lurk inside. If you’re on a points diet they’ll even tell you how many of them you’re swallowing. Simply put, they’ve done the hard work for you if you’re counting calories. Clever.

The soups were genuinely delicious – and filling. Our bacon and turnip soup was hearty and tasty, with lots of bits of bacon lurking ‘neath the surface. But the roasted squash and tomato soup was superb – a real explosion of flavour.

So we have no complaints whatsoever, and will be returning again to see what other soups await us – and to see if they can pull off tasty-and-good-for-you main meals.

However, we’re sad to report that, upon leaving, we headed straight into the nearest Greggs for a sausage roll. Sorry SkinniMalinx. Sometimes, when one is hanging over, only some filthy stodge will do.

Castle Street

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