Remarkably we’ve not written about Aigburth Road’s Onion deli yet, though we’ve been there on quite a few occasions.

There’s a very Lark Lane feel to Onion, a kind of comfortable, lived-in feel to the place with good music on the stereo and excellent armoas coming form the kitchen.

The menu is not large, but revolves around a number of breakfast and lunchtime staples. Full Englishes, scrambled eggs on toast, sarnies and baguettes – there’s always been a homemade tortilla on display when we’ve been too and veggies should be well-served. There’s good, plentiful cups of strong filter coffee, a range of teas and brilliant cakes too.

On our most recent visit there was a roast beef and mustard sandwich as a special, but we went for an old favourite – Onion’s ‘Proper’ Bacon Sandwich; some lovely bacon wrapped up in two massive doorsteps. At £2.95 it’s very good quality and you won’t be hungry afterwards.

If you want, you can take a bit of Onion away with you too. There’s big loaves of bread available from local bakers and at night you can take a TV dinner with you for an inexpensive treat. The deli aspect covers coffee beans, cakes and deli boxes to take home for some lunchtime tiffin.

We like the place. It’s cheap, warm, welcoming, different. It’s a deli that’s not pretentious and a cafe that’s more than a cafe. Onion feels a little bit rough around the edges. Not as in ‘rough pub’. More ‘loved, lived-in and a bit lazy’. And that’s a very good thing.

Onion Deli
124 Aigburth Rd

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