Scrambled eggs with pine nuts and pesto? We nearly put the menu down and ordered on the spot. But then we caught sight of a multitude of delights elsewhere on Moose Coffee’s New Yorkian menu (we say New Yorkian; it’s a bit Canadian and Washington state too):

Grand Bouche (£6.50) – brioche with egg, streaky bacon and maple syrup; New Hampshire Moose (£6.90) – Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon; Manolito (£6.50) – Huevos Rancheros with a twist; and the quite formidable Lone Star Moose (£7.50) – minute steak, sausages, potato hash and the trimmings. The daily specials when we attended were croque monsieurs.

If all of that sounds a bit excessive for breakfast there are porridges and granolas and pancakes and waffles in classic American style – either maple syrup or bluberries or bacon. Or all of them together, probably.

But in the end we go with a Mighty Moose (£6.50); a potato hash with two fried eggs, absolutely delicious back bacon and two thick slices of buttered brown toast.

It is far too much to eat at lunch, but we struggle on manfully, even finding the time to help our dining partner out with the pesto scrambled eggs which are moist, creamy and full of flavour – the change of texture with the pine nuts a brilliant addition.

The coffee is good too; bitter and strong and full. And the decor is really the cherry on the pie – its New York deli ambiance with a dash of oddball Twin Peaks Americana.

Two gigantic portraits show moose in human form (Nelson and Elisabeth I?) on the wall. An old brass till on the counter. It could have just looked weird, but there’s a spot of Lynchian drollery to it all – and it’s restrained rather than overpowering.

The food was delicious, imaginative, filling and good value. And the little touches give the place real character. All told we liked Moose Coffee. A lot. We think you will too.

Moose Coffee
Dale Street

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