Hey, we don’t wanna start an argument or anything (well, maybe just a little ‘un) – but where’s the best Scouse in Liverpool? Here’s one for starters: The Granary Sandwich Shop in India Buildings.

“Look, we can’t tell you our secrets,” says head Scouse-crafter Alan Naylor, when SevenStreets digs in to a steaming plate of the freshly made stew. “But I will tell you this, we’ll use lamb or beef in our recipe. Sometimes both. And we’re not ashamed to say it.”

So there you have it, purists. Maybe it’s the combination? Is that fusion Scouse, then?

And yeah, even in Summer, The Granary still sells it by the tray (£1.39) or bowl (£2.60) full. And, well, as it’s not summer yet, you can kinda forget that last point…

Oh, and they do a mean Pea Wack, too.  What? You don’t know what Pea Wack is? Well, they don’t serve it in the Noble House, that’s for sure.

The Granary, 7 India Buildings, Drury Lane, Liverpool

Tel: 0151 236 0509

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