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Michael Gove – You should be fired!

Luciana Berger has today (Tuesday 21st December2010) challenged the Government over its decision to abolish Educational Maintenance Allowances, presenting Liverpool Community College’s 2,500-signature petition in Parliament.

The coalition Government is abolishing Educational Maintenance Allowances (EMAs), which provides funding for students to help meet the cost of studying. Those with a household income of less than £20,800 a year can currently receive up to £30 a week.

Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree, said “students use their EMA money to meet the cost of their studies – transport, books, equipment and so on. Taking this money away from them will make it more difficult to attend their courses and get an education which would improve their lives forever. Young people with the talent to stay on in further education will not have the financial means to do so. It’s a short term decision which will last a lifetime for the young people it will affect.

Michael Gove is clearly an Apprentice Minister. He’s passing up an opportunity to improve grades by 7%, attendance by 5%, invest £30 a week and get £1.7bn in return into the economy. He should be fired!”

  • David

    let’s be honest, what are the chances that Ricky Tomlinson would’ve had time for that – what with his supper club and Royal Family Christmas Special?

  • James

    I quite support EMA, but seven and five percent, really?

  • Littoral

    Labour machine politician with no interest in Liverpool whatsoever follows central hq script. That’ll show ’em.

  • Peter

    Really don’t know why you’re giving space to this useless MP. If you put a press release from Louise Ellman up here I’ll never forgive you.

  • Robin

    Michael Gove my arse! Ricky BLASTS Tory MP!

  • sarah

    I’m not sure about EMA. If you really want too study you’ll find a way to fund it. We did…okay, I got a grant of £450 a year through college, and none of it went on my studies! EMA sounds like a bribe to me. maybe I’m a cynic.

    Is that David my old Editor Extraordinaire?

    Nice site guys.