We’re not being especially controversial if we say that we’ve always considered FACT’s websites – and there have been a few over the years – to be an object lesson in how not to attract visitors. It’s almost as if it’s not a website at all, but some virtual, high-concept installation, some knotty enigma you need to solve to be worthy of entering the doors that play a little tune. Try it. Go on their homepage and you’ve really got to have a spare afternoon and a lot of patience to discover what their current show is.

We say this with love because, of course, FACT is fab. And its current run of exhibitions and film specials are positively inspired. So why the cloak and dagger, folks? (see also Biennial and too many Liverpool attraction’s websites…but let’s not go there just now).

Anyway, here’s the point. Think you can do better? (And, trust us, in half an hour and a free WordPress account we think you could). Here’s your chance…

Fact is looking for an individual, or agency, to develop their new website. You can check out the details here.

But, listen, take a tip from us. No funny business, right.

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)
Wood Street, Liverpool




12 Responses to “Love FACT: Hate their website?”

  1. Rachel

    I agree that I don’t like their current wesbite but I don’t think it is that hard to find out what the current exhibition or film is – I mean the buttons on in the middle of the screen.

  2. The problem with FACT isn’t their website – it’s their tame, unadventurous programme. Differs only slightly from the fare that you can get at the Odeon, and shows no interest in European or world cinema, or in exploring the back catalogue of cinema through curated retrospectives. Big disappointment. Bring back the old Merseyside Film Institute.

  3. I think, without the receipts from Harry Potter et al, FACT might struggle more than it does. That’s the sad truth. That said, I’ve seen lots of ace films in FACT this year.

  4. FACT has had some really great seasons recently – I’ve seen some great stuff in the Box – but it could do with promoting it a bit more (the new website will probably help with that though).

    As for its ‘unadventurous’ programming, pretty sure it needs those big hitter films to survive. You can’t keep an organisation like that running on 80s cult films alone.

  5. I have seen The Thing and Blade Runner – two of my favourite films – as well as Labyrinth at FACT, for which I’ll always be grateful, and I would have seen Akira the other week if I’d been here.

  6. Rachel

    I believe, that unlike the Manchester Cornerstone, Picturehouse at FACT does not receive the same level of funding, therefore it has to ensure it shows the big hitting more mainstream blockbuster to bring in the customers. With the money brought in from these films it can then show some more original, global and one off films.

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