There’s a lot to see around Liverpool, if you only keep your eyes open.

Looking up, for example, can reveal a number of elevated walkways around the business district of town, from a time when everyone thought an elevated motorway was going to carve straight through the city from Edge Lane to Pier Head.

Every so often, looking down can reveal something interesting too, like this mosaic entrance to a long-gone building on the corner of Rumford Street and Chapel Street.

It currently leads onto a bashed-up open-air car-park that borders the Pig and Whistle, but it was obviously something rather more grand once upon a time. A pub? A shop? Municipal offices?

Who knows, but the question keeps me entertained on my walk home every day.

  • Andy Kelly

    I past this every time I head to town from my flat and vice versa and I always try and I’ve always wondered what used to be there too.

  • Cupcakesinthecity

    Such a shame I say, would love to know the history and why oh why do we destroy our British heritage?

  • Mary

    maybe destroyed in WWII?

  • James

    If you look at the buildings around it, you can see exactly the grandeur that used to be there.
    It is obvious what happened to it – buildings of that size and structure don’t just get knocked down: it was bombed.
    What’s interesting is what’s just over the road from it.. and the real story is behind whatever VERY close escape the 1930s national war rooms got away with.

  • Martin Greaney

    I love these little snippets of history that have survived! There are things like this all over Liverpool. It’s a shame that something was destroyed, but I’m just glad that we can stumble across these things from time to time.