We’ll be perfectly honest here: when we saw a picture of Londoners Spector last year, before we’d even heard a second of their music, we assumed the worst. Yet another bunch of bellends with a penchant for wearing their guitars too high, skinny suits and a career that’s destined to end faster than you can whisper ‘Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong’, right? London’s great at spitting out these type of bands, and we’ve all seen them come and go since the glory days of Britpop in the 90s. Er, not that we’re old enough to remember that. Of course. But with this lot, we’ve learnt not to judge a book by its cover.

Delve a little deeper with Spector and the music’s a hell of a lot more enjoyable than you’d ever expect. Current single ‘Chevy Thunder’ is a riot, bashing together bits of Pulp and Springsteen with an unashamedly poppy synth-pop punch to it all. It’s music genetically modified, and unashamedly designed, for uproarious festival singalongs, and there’s actually something quite charming about it all. While we love chilling folk and navel-gazing electronic music at the best of times, it’s comforting to know there’s still guitar bands with huge, ridiculous pop ambitions. They’ll never end up reinventing the wheel, but they’ll give you a bloody good time on a chilly February evening regardless. Hotly tipped local’uns The Liberty Vessels support.

Win! Spector tickets

We’ve a pair of tickets to give away to Spector’s gig to one SevenStreets reader. Just email info@sevenstreets.com with the subject ‘Spector’ and your name – we’ll pick a winner on Tuesday 21st February.

Spector w/ The Liberty Vessels, David’s Lyre
The Kazimier, Wolstenholme Square
22nd February, 8pm, £6

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