There’s a new flock in town and they come complete with hot pants and roller skates.

Liverpool Roller Birds is the city’s first ever roller derby league a game made famous last year by the film ‘Whip It’ starring Drew Barrymore. It’s a women-only contact sport, with two teams battling it out on a flat indoor track.

Though the knee-high socks may be cute, this game is fast and furious. As an over-18s sport, roller derby has a place for women of all shapes and sizes; and the Liverpool Roller Birds can be seen in action at their first ever home bout – suitably titled A Hard Day’s Fight – as part of the team’s first anniversary celebrations.

And with names such as Sissy Breakneck and Mallory Hard-Knox these girls say they mean business and promise a good show.

Liverpool Roller Birds team member Flis Mitchell, known on the track as Disco-Carnage, told SevenStreets:

“It’s going to be a spectactular event with over 48 skaters. There will be thrills, spills, glory, glamour and fishnets.

“It is a gripping, all-female contact sport that will soon be a huge part of the sporting landscape in Liverpool. I hope people will come in November to get an early taste of the action.”

Launched last year, Liverpool Roller Birds now has more than 20 ‘chicks’ training for a spot on the team as well as a long waiting list, with a new intake due in September for fledgelings.

“I went along to a training session on a Saturday morning and have been addicted since,” said Chloe Brennan, who joined as a chick this year. “I never want to take off my skates.”

“I love that its a fun sport with a group of women from diverse backgrounds who come together and have a great time getting fit and having a good time. It’s like having a ready made group of friends.

• There will be an ‘explosion’ of music, burlesque dancers, raffles and roller derby memorabilia at the Bands and Burlesque night on Monday 23 August at Mojo at 7.30pm

• A Hard Day’s Fight takes place on Saturday 13 November at Greenbank Sports
Academy in Liverpool, starting at 2pm. All are welcome

• For more information Liverpool Roller Birds on Facebook

7 Responses to “Local derby: Liverpool Roller Birds”

  1. Anon Mouse

    It’s a new sport to the UK and to most people who live in the UK.
    Smart arse.

    Liverpool Roller Birds are definitely a team to watch, they are a very good team already.

  2. Stephanie Wieland

    It came out of the American Great depression and started as a ‘marathon skate’. Became very popular in the States in the 70’s & 80’s and was played on a ‘Banked Track’.
    Was revised and resurrected in the mid 2000’s and is played on a ‘Flat track’.
    It is a sport owned by & run by the players who pay membership dues – all other contributions of time etc are voluntary.\
    It is the most exciting amateur sport that you could ever see – playing it is even BETTER.
    Ova Dose – 1,000mg
    Man’s Ruin Roller Derby

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