lizzieYou want to get something done? Ask a busy person. Well, it’s a theory – although it’s possible it might land you in A&E, so exercise it with caution.

Not so, we imagine, if you popped round to Lizzie Nunnery’s place with a few stray errands for, between writing award winning plays, jetting off to South America for international workshops, and penning and performing some of the city’s sharpest and sweetest folk songs, she’s also found time to create a series of excellent videos to accompany her latest tunes.

“I’ve recently recorded a series of live videos under the title The Bandstand Session,” she  tells us, no doubt while solving the Irish banking crisis with her free hand and a Texas Instruments calculator.

“I’ve been posting a video every ten days for the last month or so and I’ve recently posted video number three, England Loves a Poor Boy.”

It just so happens that’s our favourite Nunnery track. Well, apart from the monkey one…

“The series was filmed in beautiful Sefton Park, on its recently refurbished Victorian Bandstand and filmed by Liverpool video artist, Sam Meech,” Nunnery says.

How does she find the time? We wish we had half her organisational skills/talent (delete as you see fit).

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