Ideas worth spreading? TED’s the place to head. And  – hooray! – TED’s heading our way. Well, TEDx – TED’s independently minded alter-ego – is.

Formed out of a shared passion for stimulating debate, and investigating new ways to share, create and engage communities around the globe, TEDx is a conversation the curious amongst us have grown to love. Whether witnessing a live event, a streaming presentation, or a catch-up podcast talk, TEDx, whatever the topic, tackles it afresh.

Little wonder this event – at FACT – sold out in record time (but if you didn’t grab a ticket, don’t fret. It’ll be streamed live Monday afternoon from 1pm). Its theme – Mobile Futures – couldn’t be more timely. Investigating the mobile intersection of digital design, apps, advertising, gadgets and gaming, the session promises a lively, and unmissable afternoon in the company of some of the world’s foremost thinkers, doers and mobile mavens.

That the event’s been curated by one of the city’s leading app gurus, Apposing’s Dave Brown, is a healthy reminder of just how active and above-weight-punching our city is when it comes to all things forward thinking. As we always have been.

SevenStreets caught up with Dave ahead of this hotly anticipated ideas fest.

So, what’s the big idea? 

The event will generate many innovative ideas and different view points to the thoughts and dreams of various peoples future thinking towards mobile and how this will be a part of all our lives.

We’ve lined up a number of the leading mobile industry royalty figures, from Mills ‘Chief Wonka’ of London digital agency and mobile specialist UsTwo responsible for commercial applications such as H&M and most recently their own iconic IP game project Whale Trail to Ian Wharton whose company Zolmo are the reason we have the now household Jamie Oliver apps.

Liverpool’s digital, hacking, maker and open-source community is something we can be proud of, yes?

Liverpool’s digital, hacking, maker and open-source community is in fine health. We really need to nurture the local talent and retain them so we can become a centre of excellence. There are a number of very good groups currently making good headway in this area from DoES Liverpool, LJMU Open Labs and even our own ideas/research and development brand FUTURES:Lab which we will be introducing shortly looking at new ideas across iOS and Microsoft Kinect apps.

Tell us about Apposing – you’ve a mighty fine client list. What was it like working for Liam’s Pretty Green label?

Apposing develop both creative ideas-led native/web applications and forward thinking technology for the coolest clients that include Liam Gallagher’s clothing company Pretty Green, The Guardian, the BBC, British-Dutch multinational corporation Unilever, the UK’s most popular zoo, Chester Zoo, and the excellent Echo Arena amongst many others across iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7 and Microsoft Kinect devices.

We’ve earned a reputation for our innovative use of technology through the development of mobile applications and technology. We’re passionate about teaching, learning, and creating amazing ideas whilst always going the extra mile for our clients.

Working with Liam Gallagher (pic r with Dave) was cool. Whatever you think of him, he is a bit of an icon and getting to meet him was great. He is a genuinely nice guy. We are now working with a number of other fashion brands to generate new ideas that will really benefit retail in the future.

We’ve just finished working on an exciting project for Unilever and currently working on a massive project that will be live in time for Christmas.

Look into your mobile phone crystal ball (is there an app for that? Probably): What’s the landscape going to be like in a couple of years? Can Nokia/Windows pull it back? Is it all over for BB? Is Android really losing ground to iOS 5?

Over the next few years I think we will see the fall of the super brand Nokia. I believe they have left it too late to join the race. Even with the help of the Windows 7 operating system in place, the take up of this has not been great. BlackBerry will go the same way but maybe last out a little longer and Android will always be a dominant player, however they will appeal to a totally different younger demographic.

Android has a much greater market share than Apple but the apps are nowhere near the quality. Apple also generate a lot more revenue through their App Store due to the demographics of iPhone users including their greater expendable income.

Does Liverpool do good Apps?

There are a number of Liverpool institutions/brands pushing the boundaries of apps, Liverpool Biennial are a very good example of this by working with Apposing to develop an Augmented Reality art trail to guide visitor around Liverpool and overlaying images/video with the content to really show what an archive of art should look like.

Everton Football Club have a very good mobile strategy but unfortunately they used a London development company, I’m keen to keep business local as we do have a lot of talent that we should use here. That’s why we’re working with local schools to get kids to think of new apps, help them get a feel for the industry, and hopefully encourage them to stay here. We’re getting schoolkids to pitch their idea to a panel, and the best one will be developed  – with them retaining the ip and revenue!

Mobile Futures. The next step is…

Mobile devices will replace both your wallet and your desktop machine for browsing the web and doing a lot of day to day tasks including paying bills and banking.

The stream of TEDxLiverpool is at

TEDx Liverpool, Monday November 7.
FACT, Wood Street

David Lloyd

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