An endless array of gross chippy takeaways are making us fat, unhealthy and rubbish. A new independent Liverpool venture aims to reverse that trend.

Look, we love nothing more than slobbing in front of Midsomer Murders with chow mein dripping down our faces, but something’s got to give. Obesity’s up right across the country (and along with it liver disease, heart problems, and all that fun stuff). Healthy Body Mass Indexes are on a downward spiral too, and Liverpool’s one of the worst offenders. It’s killing us.

The Healthy Takeaway Company recognised this, and are bloody well doing something about it. From their premises on Holt Road in Kensington, they’re aiming to dish up and deliver a selection of healthy, nutritious, tasty scran: no greasy curry and chips here.

healthy-takeaway-liverpoolOpening this week, the menu looks like a real winner: well put together, there’s a selection of salads, wraps and veggie stuff, plus a large amount of gluten free grub too. Don’t panic! There’s also creative, fun takes on our nation’s takeaway staples as well. Fish and chips (salmon with sweet potato fries), burgers (cranberry turkey), healthy kebabs and pizzas all make an appearance. It’s almost enough to drag us away from our special-fried-rice-on-a-Friday-night routine.

Though it’s definitely still a work in progress, it’s a rather fantastic little idea, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this one progresses. Keep an eye on it.

The Healthy Takeaway Company
33 Holt Road, Liverpool, L7 2PL
0151 264 8553

8 Responses to “Liverpool’s first healthy takeaway opens in the city”

  1. It’s probably a better idea to just have fewer takeaways, rather than having these pretend ones every other time. I’d rather have proper fish and chips once a month than have salmon and sweet potatoes every week.

  2. Very odd how people object to a healthy take away- its fantasric someone is doing someone about the p*ss poor diet we have and rediclious obesity rate!! Cant wait to try

  3. I think one healthy take away isn’t going to ruin your chances of getting pizza, chips, kebabs, curries or any other variant of unhealthy fast food. So I don’t see why you’re objecting to. I don’t like Kebabs for example, I’m not going to object to a kebab shop opening, I will just walk past it or just ignore it, it’s not bothering me. I will be trying this out to be honest, to see what’s on offer for people who want to eat healthily.

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