St George's HallLook, Sky, we can believe in better all we like, but we’re never going to get architectural historian Dr Jonathan Foyle salivating over Liverpool’s great Neo-Classical civic buildings with a select bunch of city-based commentators, and Lawrence Westgaph, on Sky Arts anytime soon are we? Not unless you run out of Inside The Actors’ Studio repeats and Janet Street Porter documentaries.

So it’s to BBC 4, this Monday, 6 September, we will turn, for Neo-Classical: featuring a bevvy of colonnaded beauties from across the north.

Featuring contributions from historians Lawrence Westgaph, Steve Binns, Joseph Sharples and Colin Cunningham, Foyle visits the Bluecoat, John Woods’s Liverpool Town Hall, Liverpool Athenaeum, Thomas Harrison’s Liverpool Lyceum, Harvey Elmes’s Liverpool St George’s Hall, Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery, and Cornelius Sherlock’s Picton Reading Rooms.

It’ll be just like taking the Yellow Duckmarine tour, but without the need for waterproof outerwear.

People’s Palaces
September 6, 9pm
BBC Four

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