We geniunely love the Echo’s weekly ‘Caught on Camera’ series, where grainy CCTV images of suspected criminals are paraded on a double page spread – basically a local version of Crimewatch, with inky fingers. It’s the ultimate in chest-beating yob-gawping, and sits nicely alongside the outraged headlines and eye-popping editorial at the beginning half of the paper every week.

Occasionally, there’ll be a crime so bizarre that it does a 180 and becomes borderline hilarious. This week, we were lavished with the usual: bus stop beatings (not funny!) muggings (not funny!) and a serial shoplifter. Which was funny.

You see, this shoplifter isn’t just any shoplifter. She’s slowly, Tesco by Tesco, carving herself a peculiar niche. This girl, y’see, is a bacon smuggler.

Caught on camera looking shifty, she lifted 24 (seriously, 24) packs of bacon from Tesco’s Mount Pleasant branch in October. “The items were stolen at around midnight on Saturday October 8 when a woman is alleged to have put them in a bag and simply walked out”, says the Echo.

If that wasn’t bizarre enough, she struck again on 21st October, nicking an addition 15 packs and walking out. Which makes her overall haul 39 packs. That’s a hell of a lot of bacon sarnies for breakfast, isn’t it?

If you recognise her, you can grass her up on 0151 777 4055, quoting ‘271’. There’s also the anonymous Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555111.

The last thing Liverpool needs right now is a bacon shortage, so do your bit.

Liverpool Echo – Caught On Camera

  • inniebear

    @7streets To be fair, meat is easily offloaded in pubs. Like the fish seller who used to come to the Mersey Clipper et al.

  • 7streets

    @inniebear true. But we liked the fact that this one had a particular fixation on bacon.

  • tiamaria26

    @7streets bacon in my corner shop is security tagged haha

  • JohnMeddy

    @7streets What an offal thing to do 🙁

  • inniebear

    @7streets When I worked in Poundstretcher, we had one who would habitually steal OXO cubes. But never a full box. Just some out of each pack

  • http://plainjane-plainjanestyle.blogspot.com/ Jane Gallagher

    Still laughing

  • 7streets

    @inniebear Amazing. Surely that’s more work than just getting off with a whole pack

  • 7streets

    @JohnMeddy You’re rind about that!!! (right about that) (sorry)

  • RayThomson

    At least she wasn’t looking for the sausage…

  • inniebear

    @7streets You’d think so, wouldn’t you? This *was* Birkenhead, though…

  • JohnMeddy

    @7streets Amazing

  • J_J_78

    What a swine!

  • Benno

    Don’t tell the Pigs !

  • Oliveonthebuses

    @7streets She also robbed a buttie. Couldn’t wait to get home and get that bacon in the pan! #Knowthefeeling

  • yes_la

    @7streets legend

  • Alexander

    Clearly she enjoys pork.

  • Alison Bailey Smith

    trying to get enough to create a Lady Gaga knock-off?

  • Sevenstreets

    I like your thinking. If anyone sees a woman down the pub in a billowing bacon dress, get Crimestoppers on the blower *immediately*.

  • Corky Ninja-Kitteh Cork

    if she gets in with Worral Thompson I predict a whole new black market appearing….

  • James Bentley

    If you spot her before the Police do, give her my number

  • Mark McGowan

    What an absolute (t)rotter! (weak, I know)

  • Ian Richards

    Smoked? Unsmoked? The bacon that is. Oh hang on. Munchies. Crime solved. Do I win?

  • Mark Flannery

    Just been told bacon is currently currency for drugs….could be the reason why she’s getting her fix of a bit of back…

  • Joseph Stringfellow

    Still remember a few years ago the Echo had ‘Leg of Lamb’ man caught on front page I think. Caught stealing Lamb from Iceland.

  • Sevenstreets

    Long way to go for a leg of lamb (RB)

  • Mike Harris


  • Mark Edwards

    Karl’s bacon “mule”??!!!

  • geeski

    I think she’s just egging everyone on..plus her husband is a well known ‘streaker’.