Global Editor of Vice magazine, Andy Capper, and political philosopher Phillip Blond are just two of the speakers lined up for a forensic exploration of the city, this Wednesday.

Think of Liverpool X like the latest CSI show – only, this cadaver is still twitching. Still holding on in there…

What is this thing called Liverpool? Where does it manifest itself? What are its vital signs? And who the hell does it think it is, anyway?

For 24 hours, the city we call home takes a good, hard look at itself and attempts to grope towards a greater understanding of home, heart and soul.

Liverpool X, brought to us by the smart folk at Archetype Studio, musters a roll call of interesting/interested people. People who don’t move and shake, but prod and poke; for a day of talks, events, performances and provocations.

“It’s about who we are, where we are going and how we express ourselves in a way that is different, authentic and inspiring,” says Archetype’s Jon Egan. “It will demonstrate a city that is mature, self-confident and irrepressibly inventive…”

He hopes.

It might not. But that’s the fun of it.

Author Paul Du Noyer chairs a talk aiming to drill to core of Liverpool’s identity: is Liverpool burdened by its history or past glories, and how can we use our cultural heritage to build a positive and progressive identity? He’ll ask Weaver’s Door’s Lee Fleming, and Angie Sammons, from Liverpool Confidential.

Author and design guru Stephen Bailey manhandles our physical and human assets and casts a curatorial eye over the city: are we making an exhibition of ourselves?

The city’s future role – what is Liverpool for – will be mulled over by Baltic Creative’s Mark Lawler and the Heseltine Institute’s Chair, Dr Nicola Headlam, and there’ll be culture ruminations and recriminations with the Biennial’s Sally Tallant, Craig Bido Lito and Cloud man Will Alsop (giving a hotly anticipated Keynote, musing over what happened when the Cloud parted over the city).

There’s a spiritual edge to the day, too, with leading figures from all the city’s main religious groups duking it out for certain afterlife glory, examining why we gotta have faith – although, sadly, no atheist on the panel to spice things up a bit.

And we’ll be there too, sparring with the Echo and Dan Byrne from Spiel over the role of media in a modern city – as well as Peter Guy-curated music from the brilliant Baltic Fleet and New York Transit Authority to shake the day’s events to a close, sometime in the small hours.

The event takes place at venues across the Baltic Triangle. Register your interest and snap up your tickets now – make no mistake, this is going to be a lot more interesting than an awards show…

Liverpool X
Wednesday, November 20

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  1. Philip Blond – Tory chum of Cameron and Osborne, who are doing their level best to destroy Liverpool with their awful austerity policies.
    Dr Nicola Headlam from the Heseltine Institute – some waste of money talking-shop named after an odious former Tory minister, who did so much damage to the North of England. What the hell these characters have to offer, I don’t know.

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