Ruby_Wax_Losing_It_webAt last, an IFB event that doesn’t mention networking, or comparing laminated lanyards in the ‘Hub’. This is something we approve of: The Liverpool Science Festival. Over two weeks, the festival packs a mighty science punch, probing into the inner workings of CERN, the inner space of the human mind, and the Hitchhikers guide to the Solar System.

The festival’s a refreshingly collaborative affair, mashing up leading scientists, artists, museums, universities and authors to offer dip-in sessions for the curious and neurone-tingling talks from eminent scientists, thinkers and mavericks. We’re looking forward to Ruby Wax’s Sane New World show (if you get the chance, read her book – it’s astonishingly good), as well as talks from Liverpool University’s own (and SevenStreets’ interviewed) Tara Shears, on 30 years of CERN. Shears will be presenting ‘Particle Fever’ – Liverpool Science Festival has special permission to screen the CERN documentary three months ahead of its UK general release.

“I’m excited to be back in Liverpool to launch this new science festival,” says Festival Director Wynn Abbott, “in the city where I was a student of science at the University of Liverpool. Liverpool is one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the World – high on talent, creativity, individuality and innovation. The Science Festival has its place among this as a catalyst for science engagement, and a beacon for Liverpool as a place where science and science engagement are at their best.”

Other highlights include Dr Lewis Dartnell’s ‘The Knowledge, How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch’ – a guide to ‘everything you need to know to survive the apocalypse, avert another Dark Age and accelerate the rebuilding of civilization’. A handy primer to perk you up when the school run palls. And ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Solar System: 1 river, 9 planets, 14 days and 70 miles’ spotlights a barking-but-brilliant public engagement project setting off from the source of the Mersey on a journey to the sea, culminating in a series of pop-up astronomy events and happenings which will mark out the positions of the planets and a scale model of the Solar System. The journey begins on 25 June with astronomy at the source of the Mersey (Stockport, Cheshire) and ends on the evening of 9 July on Crosby Beach.

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Liverpool Science Festival
Titanic Hotel
25 June – 9 July

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  1. Peter L. Griffiths

    If there is a wrong way of doing something, Liverpool will undoubtedly give it a try. There are no world libraries there. The standard of lecturing is abysmal. The outstanding Students Union has been abolished. There are unsatisfactory communications. Liverpool education has been in perpetual decline since the 1850s, and so one could go on.

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