Liverpool Pride hits the streets again this weekend – for round two of the event that, on its debut, er, outing last year proved to attract the huge, colourful, passionate show of support that we always knew it would.

Once again, the event musters around the Pride march – a chance for the city’s LGBT community and friends to splash the streets with colour (and, in this city, you can usually bank on a samba band of some description. Wherever two or three people are gathered together in a shared cause, you can bet there’ll be drums and booty wiggling. At least there is at SevenStreets planning sessions…)

The March starts at 12 noon on Saturday 6 August from St George’s Plateau, and winds its way to Lord Street and ending at the Pier Head, where the Summer Of Love will be in full effect:  with two stages featuring disco diva Kym Mazelle and a host of local acts from Sense of Sound to the inimitable House of Suarez (his thighs are insured for a trillion pounds, you know).

With special film screenings, all manner of shenanigans at GBar and Garlands in the Pride Fringe, a Big Gay Brunch in cafes across the city (make ours a 12″ meatball sub) and stalls and stages aplenty down Dale Street, this is gonna be pinker than a pair of tighty whities carelessly left in the wash with your Everton away kit.

Liverpool Pride, 6-7 August 

Pic: Matt Ford







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