Liverpool Pride came again this weekend and the consensus is that it was a storming success. We were in attendance but we thought we’d let the pictures of the day speak for themselves.

Photographer Pete Carr has captured the event in a series of beautiful portraits based around the superhero theme of this year’s event. We asked him for this thoughts and experience of the day – head over to his site to read the stories behind the images.

SS: How did people react to being asked to pose?

PC: Everyone said yes. They were all full of energy and proud to be there. Real honest pride. Proud of the city, who they were and who their friends were. Fantastic.

SS: Did people embrace the fancy-dress theme?

PC: There was a good portion. Some just wearing a Superman t-shirt, others a Superman onesie and others as actual Superman. Dogs, kids, nans – if it could be costumed it would be. Others just came along for the fun.


The best were the out-of-the-box thinkers. Superman and Batman were obvious choices. I liked the girl who went as a crayon, Finn The Human from Adventure Time, the children dressed as Lego Avengers, the woman supporting Angela Eagle and the two women who had been together for 26 years and were each others superheroes.

What else stood out?

PC: It was one big party. Not even the crazy bible people could upset the crowd. Lot of love on the streets. Everyone could walk around without fear of being whoever they wanted to be. It was family friendly too. Kids all dressed up as Batman, Superman and Lego figures. Just one big fun day.

I enjoyed seeing the Blackpool Christian Group laugh off the idiotic ranting of the other so-called Christians preaching hate.

A lot of people loved that Liverpool was free too. They said Manchester had become too commercialised and it cost £12.50 to join the parade. Anyone could join up in Liverpool. People came from all over to be part of that.

Liverpool Pride Superheroes

Images: Pete Carr

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