So, you bought yourself a digital camera and now you fancy yourself as a snapper eh? Nowt wrong with that, photography should be all about fun in our book – regardless of ability.

But instead of randomly snapping pigeons, rivers and sunsets how about testing yourself against a Photomarathon Challenge, organised by The Big Issue In The North this Saturday.

Following on from a successful even in Manchester last year with themes including childhood,
darkness and inclusion/exclusion (see one example of the latter from last year); there’ll be a similar even in Liverpool this year with ‘plenty of room for interpretation and creativity’.

The concept is simple: take pictures on 8 given topics over one day; four in a morning session and four more from 2pm and submit your snaps to a panel of judges. A donation of £15 to enter goes to the homelessness charity.

Prizes will include cameras and studio workshop sessions so get those lenses polished and light meters, er, out. Or just turn up with your smartphone and snap away.

The Photomarathon will take place on Saturday 16 July from 10am – 6pm at Studio 2, Parr Street, Liverpool. To enter and make your donation go to

Photomarathon Challenge
Studio 2
From 10AM, Saturday 16 July

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