Although the idea of going for a bevvy in Liverpool ONE in the freezing cold isn’t everyone’s idea of a great night out, last year’s brilliant Polar Bar took us by surprise. Cosy, cool, and a little bit Scandi, the pop-up bar did a roaring trade over the winter months.

This year, Liverpool ONE are bringing back a pop-up bar, and this time it’s part of ‘#Icefestival’ (their hashtag, not ours). 2012 sees the venue become a proper ice-traviganza: there’s a room and furniture made entirely of crystal clear sculpture ice – including the bar, tables and chairs. 25 tonnes of it, we’re told. Bloody hell.

As well as the bar, there’ll also be a big skating rink this year, and we’re told the ‘UK’s largest ice slide’ (above, although we’re guessing there’s not that much competition) will be plonked in Chavasse Park, too – two 30m long runs at 6m high and 4m wide. Which actually sounds like it’d be a right laugh after a mulled wine or three.

There’s also a Santa’s Grotto, ice sculpture gallery, an alpine cafe and terrace, and – chainsaws and chisels at the ready – professional ice carving demonstrations at weekends.

Sadly it’s not all free this time, and each section is individually ticketed (starting at £4) but the festival’s being done by The Ice Box – the world leaders in doing this kind of big scale winter wonderland stuff – so it’s bound to be pretty impressive. Things kick off on 7th November, and run through to 13th January.

Chavasse Park, Liverpool ONE
From 7th November

Santa’s Grotto: £5.50 per under 16 (Includes one adult per max 4 children), £3.50 per extra adult. Ice Bar: £4 – £6 (30-minute session including free drink). Ice Rink: £5.50 – £7.95, (family ticket £19.50 – £22.50) Ice Slide: £4 – £5

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  1. “Santa’s Grotto: £5.50 per under 16 (Includes one adult per max 4
    children), £3.50 per extra adult. Ice Bar: £4 – £6 (30-minute session
    including free drink). Ice Rink: £5.50 – £7.95, (family ticket £19.50 –
    £22.50) Ice Slide: £4 – £5” – This is utterly obscene. Take your family to see santa, go skating, go down a slide and have a drink = £100-200 quid. Sod that for a game of soldiers.

  2. An absolutely disgraceful effort of a grotto. Had to take my son and baby daughter through a cramped sub zero poorly lit freezer of barely recognisable ice sculptures, came out to the smallest waiting area to see Santa that was decked out in Christmas trees and what looked like bedsheets on the walls, through to a dark and pokey space where Santa ( I might add, looked like an office reject who should be wearing a polyester suit nevermind a Santa one, about 40 years to young to even be a Santa) who gave my two year his present. Opened it to find the cheapest, nastiest plastic toy car whose wheels subsequently fell off and had to be binned in case he choked on any parts. Whats that about? Last year was a good, enjoyable, bright experience. This year has left me feeling embarrassed that this is all my city has to offer the thousands of people who will take their little ones there, will never consider going to a grotto here again.

  3. The Ice Bar is a huge disapointment. You pay £6 to drink a shooter standing up for 25 minutes. The bar is really small, quite dirty, and really boring. Most people left before the end of the session. Seriously, don’t go.

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