It’s always nice for Liverpool to get a nod for something. Over the past year we’ve had an array of recognition thrust upon us: the UK’s friendliest city, best city for nightlife, fastest growing economy outside of London, best special effects. Oh, maybe we’re getting our awards confused there. Whatever. This one, though, feels really important.

The UK Statistics Authority last week, at the request of MP Philip Hollobone, released crime figures that spanned across the country’s police forces. Amongst other things, they confirm Liverpool’s the second safest UK city to live in, after Newcastle. You wouldn’t think it, reading the red-faced horror headlines every day in the local media, but it’s true, and the stats speak for themselves now: this place is a lot safer than it used to be.

The figures make some interesting reading. According to the 2011/12 stats, 10 people in every thousand here are burgled. Just six in a thousand are a victim of some sort of car crime – a break-in or stolen vehicle. When it comes to street crime, we’re half as likely to get mugged or beaten up as Londoners. We are, though, twice as likely to bump into Jimmy Corkhill at a theatre.

Compared to other cities is where it gets really interesting: in Birmingham, you’re 10% more likely to have your home burgled than in Liverpool. In Manchester and London, it’s 20%. In Leeds it goes up to 30%, and Sheffield it rises to a whopping 50%.

Of course, this only covers reported crimes. But it’s all encouraging reading, and something to move forward with. For a place that’s had an unfairly sticky reputation in the media for being unsafe, these official statistics are a pleasant surprise, and very welcome.

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  1. Littoral

    This isn’t news you know. Liverpool and Merseyside has been amongst the large urban areas with the lowest crime rates for twenty years or so. Also, I’m not sure of Marcus’ comment about the city’s size. Firstly, Liverpool IS one of the biggest cities in the UK, forgetting arbritary boundaries for a moment, easily much larger than Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle, for example and much closer in real size to Brum and Mcr than many seem to think and secondly, the crime rates are *per head*.
    If anyone is wondering whether the figures are “skewed” by being only the reported ones, please note that in the seperate British Crime Survey, which is assembled by canvassing techniques and doesn’t use the police’s reported crimes stats, each time the BCS also indicates that Liverpool and the Merseyside constabulary area as a whole are amongst the very safest of urban areas nationally.

  2. Hi – I think you commented while I was still editing the piece, re: the city’s size. Yep, it’s one of the biggest.

    As to whether it’s ‘news’ or not, well it will be to some people. This sort of thing will be fresh to a lot of people – and ultimately, it’s nice to remind ourselves (and outsiders) every now and again that this is actually, contrary to some beliefs, continues to be a really safe place. And well boss, obv.

  3. I agree this isn’t news, but it only isn’t news to people “in the know” and people who live here – so we do need to shout about it, I think.

    You only have to read the comment streams after many national stories that concern Liverpool in whatever form or reason and read (dependent on news outlet probably) at least a trickle and often a torrent of vile anti-Liverpudlian bile, much of it leveling accusations of chronic and epidemic kleptomania (with a curious fixation on hub-caps and stealing wheels, which I wouldn’t have considered to be overly valuable, actually), dishonesty and idleness.

    if the things said about us were said about other groups of people there would be uproar and criminal charges, but even more galling is that there is no truth in any of it. In fact, compared to the people who level such abuse at us, we’re practically paragons of how to conduct yourself civilly.

    I say, broadcast this as loud as you can – not so much for the benefit of the prejudiced, but simply so as many international travelers hear it as possible and choose to visit us instead of dull crime riddled UK cities.

  4. thenorthernist

    Excellent news. Got to agree with Mark about car insurance, it was far more expensive when we lived in Liverpool than elsewhere in England. I hope the costs start to reflect crime statistices more accurately.

  5. In my eyes, the feeling of ‘safety’ is very subjective. But for me personally this statistic actually underlines a feeling that I have got when walking Liverpool (or in my case – the Ropewalks mainly) by day or night: I feel safe, very safe.
    For example, I have lived in a town called Beverley (Yorkshire) before, and did not feel as safe… Apples and pears!? I know, but it is evident that Liverpool is a safe (and fantastic!) place to live! At least it seems evident to me and the guys who do the statistics… 😉

  6. I am planning to move to Liverpool from London and must say everytime I have visited (once every two weeks because of my girlfriend living there) I fall in love with the place more and more. The people are lovely and I have never ever felt threatened- it’s a great city and I can’t wait to get there and get involved with the music and theatre scenes.

  7. Bladesman89

    Sorry dude but you are very sadly mistaken for the actual size of the city population.. This is the 2011 stats, couldn’t get 2013 but from my understanding Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield + Manchester are still all far bigger cities than Liverpool and as for this being news, its hardly breaking news is it when in Liverpool gun crime, burglaries, drugs + car theft are the only set of crimes known to Liverpool.. The city maybe building its crime rates down but lets face facts.. Its only safe to live in Liverpool if you’re a scouser and it is infact still.. 1 OF THE UK’S BIGGEST SHEETHOLES TO LIVE!!!!!!!!RankDistrictPopulationTypeCeremonial county1Birmingham1,074,300Metropolitan borough, City (1889)West Midlands2Leeds750,700Metropolitan borough, City (1893)West Yorkshire3Sheffield551,800Metropolitan borough, City (1893)South Yorkshire4Cornwall533,800Unitary authorityCornwall5Bradford523,100Metropolitan borough, City (1897)West Yorkshire6County Durham513,000Unitary authorityCounty Durham7Manchester502,900Metropolitan borough, City (1853)Greater Manchester8Wiltshire474,300Unitary authorityWiltshire9Liverpool465,700Metropolitan borough, City (1880)Merseyside

  8. Bladesman89

    Didn’t copy the grid but anyways rounding up/down..
    Brummy = 1M 74K
    Leeds = 751K
    Sheffield = 552K
    Bradford = 523K
    Manchester = 503K
    Liverpool = 466K

    Thats the proof on population so please before posting garbage revise you’re facts..

  9. Carol Wilson

    You wont regret it. A friend I met on the internet moved here from Swindon after her husband left her. The 4th day she was here she was coming to work to meet me. At the bust stop she met 2 women and when she asked what bus to get, they invited her to share their taxi and refused to take any money off her. Then in the city centre she asked a woman weighed down with shopping where the street was that she needed. The woman didnt just point the woman walked with her until she reached where she needed to go.
    I hope your move goes well and I hope you have many many happy years in our wonderful city 🙂

  10. Carol Wilson

    I am 52 years old and live in a ‘rough’ area of Liverpool, I was born in and grew up in the street where I live, I am not one of the ‘rough ones’ nor am I a recluse, I walk to the shop at 10pm I have gone out and forgot to close my kitchen door, I have left my keys in the front door, my mum (who lived in the same street left her front door open all night ) I have lost my mobile phone , bag and purse on separate occasions and have had them all returned and thankfully I have never been a victim of crime. Catholic protestant or any other religion, Red or a blue it does not matter we look out for each other. Yes we have our fair share of idiots who are not proper scousers (a true scouser would not dream of hurting anyone unless they hurt one of their own) but all cities have their idiots. We have great people in this city and the born and bred scousers and our city is enhanced by people from all backgrounds ability and ethnicity. Don’t believe me? why not visit and see for yourself?

  11. Carol Wilson

    You really ought to get your facts straight before spouting verbal diarrhea. Liverpool has the largest Chinese community outside of London and it is known for it’s culture and diversity. I have had friends move here and none have been victims of crime. Unlike some other cities our friends and families are mixed In my own family/friends, there are reds and blues Catholic , protestants, muslims and jewish, scousers and non scousers and people from a whole range of ethnic backgrounds and my family/friends are the norm around here.
    We have a constant influx of people coming to our universities and once here very few of them leave! That is why we were awareded the Capital Of Culture 2008.

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