So the Library is getting rid of 30,000 books? Never mind, the museum still has over 750,000 bugs. And they’re not all in the woodwork. As part of National Insect Week (oh yes, it’s true), World Museum Liverpool shines the spotlight on its smallest exhibits – many of which are tucked away in drawers, pinned to blotting paper, like some Gothic cabinet of curiosities.

But, for the non-squeamish, there’s plenty of opportunity to get close to live specimens too. Stroke a tarantula, tickle a louse, confront a caterpillar. The possibilities are endless.

The Museum’s popular Clore Natural History Centre is where the creepy crawly tours begin. Just try not to take any of the exhibits home with you.

National Insect Week: to 27 June

World Museum Liverpool

William Brown Street, Liverpool

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