Liverpool is getting left behind online

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  • David Lloyd

    Good post Dan – it is, as you say, sinister and suspicious that we were so inept that we missed out on the urban broadband fund. A bid, let’s not forget, placed by our own business-friendly mayor…

  • Dan

    Thanks David. If there’s nothing to hide and it really was a good bid then why can’t we see it? That’s my concern.

  • Jen

    Wide ranging article on an important topic Dan.

    It is a shame we missed out on the national funding. I tried to track down the unsuccessful bid too, but no joy. I’ve written and reviewed funding proposals in the past and its true to say that funders are reluctant to back anything speculative. They want to see some ground work/ a proof of concept/ a successful pilot as evidence of commitment by the bidder before they’ll write a cheque. I don’t know what council-led initiatives they would have pointed at in support of their bid?

    I don’t know the background of the council membership but it may be that there is a lack of expertise and/or vision needed to drive inclusion and growth in the tech sector? If this is the case then initiatives will have to come from the tech community, which is well used to building things from the ground up.

    In my experience if you build something, enthuse people about its prospects then the money you need to grow it on shows up. A project like your Liverpool Linux Group initiative is an great example. Organic. Emergent. Scalable. I had a look at Access Space. It looks like a great community resource. I bet its buzzing? It wouldn’t be too hard to set something like this up in Liverpool. It could be the driver for the change you want to see? Alls it takes is someone with vision and passion to get it going. It could be you!

  • Dan

    Hi Jen, thanks for the incisive comment. You might be right. I know technology isn’t always straightforward and we can’t expect councillors to be experts, but they seem to know virtually nothing. They’re at the mercy of so called “experts” who in reality just turn out to be salesmen.

    I’m always trying to do too much but hopefully we can make an Access Space type model work in Liverpool. Set up a social enterprise perhaps. It’s looming large in my mind right now.

    Sounds like you have much more experience than I with these funding bids. It would be good to know what happened. As you say, I don’t see what projects the council could have pointed to as examples of a sustainable plan.


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