In the wake of that stuff that happened across the country last month, we could all do with a bit of cheering up. And our turn came last night in the form of the Conde Nast Traveller Reader Awards, down in that there London town (we hear the streets are paved with gold, y’know), where Liverpool was awarded the accolade of friendliest city.

Not only were we recognised as the most welcoming place in the UK, but also a place that offers best value for money – naturally a category that’s had some increased importance in the Current Economic Climate™.

To top it off, overall Liverpool was ranked readers’ fourth favourite city – behind London, Edinburgh and Bath but above the likes of York, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge. Impressive.

It’s amazing news overall, a big boost to the city, and to come from readers of a magazine like Conde Nast Traveller – a demographic who are known for being well-travelled and generally in the know when it comes to exploring the world – it’s a huge nod that the region’s doing something right.

5 Responses to “Liverpool: it’s the UK’s friendliest city”

  1. Shortsighted

    So why are we getting rid of the main tourist office.
    First time in 30 years that city won’t have a focal point for tourists/local to visit . There will be a small one at the Albert Dock, which is overwhelmed with visitors that end of town.

    You cannot beat a real person helping you to get around. By all means, use all other technologies to help you plan your trip, but people like people.

  2. john kittelsen

    I am puzzled @ this news over the 08 shop as last year they said they wrnt moving or changing the name who`s smart idea is it to change & how much is it going to cost who`s wasting the money & who is paying for it? -It is stupid as shortsighted says to move it to the A/B its O.K were it is as a central point.

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