Liverpool Discovers

We can’t help but get a bit jealous of other cities when we read about public art organisaton Wild In Art‘s escapades all over the UK. Chester now has rhinos, Newport has dragons and Northampton has lions. But we got in there first with the quite-frankly-brilliant mini Go Superlambananas trail across town, right? Liverpool was first! We don’t want anyone else to have good stuff!

Well, our petty jealousy’s being calmed for the moment, because Wild In Art have announced a new city-wide extravaganza, and it’ll be right up your street. Probably literally.

‘Liverpool Discovers’, part of the forthcoming ‘Winter’s Trail’ arts & culture programme, aims to unearth long-lost innovations, people and discoveries that originate in the city. From Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s original red telephone box to a Wimbledon winner, they intend to document all the lesser-known weird, wonderful and significant things that Liverpool can boast about, and transform them into public art installations.

“We’re incredibly excited about Liverpool Discovers”, says Wild In Art director Sally-Ann Wilkinson. “This is people in Liverpool’s chance to shout about what they find most interesting and what makes them proud about their city. We want people to have a lot of fun with us by sharing their stories, as well as enjoying the trail early next year.”

It’s true that many of the incredible people and projects this city’s been home to have been swept under the carpet or deemed insignificant in favour of ‘oh, not again‘ Beatlemania. So, for a small amount of time at least, it looks like this event will redress the balance.

Best of all, the project is built on submissions: everyone’s invited to send in their facts and secrets about the city and its inhabitants (see below), so you could play a significant role in spotlighting your favourite Liverpool-related person, place or thing.

Liverpool Discovers, January 2011
Open consultation from 16 August – 20 September
To submit, fill in the online form at the Open Culture website

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