I remember this advert from the early 90s fairly vividly, from widely-parodied ‘it’s not at all work, work, work’ to its stunning soundtrack, the wonderful Jan Hammer’s Crockett’s Theme, which manages to make filling up a sodding cash machine seem exciting and dangerous.

It’s notable for its shots of Liverpool and the Castle Street branch of NatWest, which is actually where I bank these days. Those impressive iron gates are still in place, even if the interior seems to have had something of a makeover.

It got me thinking – sure there’s your Boys From the Blackstuff and Bread and GBH – but are there any other examples of Liverpool seen on adverts? I can think of a Hovis one somewhere around Catharine Street and a National Lottery one around Water Street (?).

Not forgetting, of course, this Foxy Bingo thing, shot on Lark Lane. I walked past some of the decked-out shops the day before and went to bed chuffed with the knowledge that a new bakery was opening on the Lane.

Sadly, it was just a giant, lecherous, gambling Mancunian fox. C’est la Vie. eh?

• What other evidence exists of our lovely city in advertising? Surely there’s a Bread spoof, or something at Anfield, or something about The Beatles? Let us know below.

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  1. There was also an Injury Lawyers for You advert with him-off-the-bill that was shot in Unity on Chapel Street (although they intercut it with skyline shots of London to make it look like it was filmed there).

    I’m almost ashamed that I know this.

  2. Ursula Hardaker

    Sainsbury’s Jamie Oliver advert for Christmas 2009 was shot in Liverpool. The film crew had spent hours outside the Liver Building and were ready to shoot when the RLB fire alarms went off and nearly 2000 of us trooped outside to spoil the shot. The finished ad only had a fleeting glimpse of the Liver Buildings clock tower in the opening second.

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