We rarely ‘do football’ on SevenStreets, for a number of reasons. Firstly, because we just don’t follow it that much (is Ian Rush still playing?). Secondly, because it makes normally level-headed commenters, Tweeters and Facebookers into goggle-eyed, mouth-foaming mentalists. And we don’t have time for that.

This news, though, it pretty significant – not only in the world of local publishing and media, but also for LFC itself.

As reported in the Independent, Liverpool are shutting down its popular and longstanding LFC Weekly magazine. Well – they’re sort of shutting it down. Basically, they’re turning it into a glossy monthly mag and – get this – moving production from its Liverpool office (Sport Media, owned by the Echo’s parent company) to a London-based company (Programme Master), with the potential loss of up to 10 jobs.

The local media’s an important source of employment in Liverpool, and any losses like this – however small – have knock on effects right across the city. Yes, it might ‘only’ be 10 jobs, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth when a multimillion pound football club – based and functioning within this city, and with a duty to put something back into the community, ditching people in favour of outsourcing to the capital.

3 Responses to “LFC fail: weekly magazine to close, move to London”

  1. Bad move by the club this – not the world’s biggest Trinity Mirror fan but they’ve been had off here. LFC should be going out of their way to encourage local employment, not sending work to London. Very unimpressed.

  2. Fiona Shaw

    Naughty, LFC. Admittedly, Kenny’s not a mouthpiece for the board, but it’s the same sentiment here that he’s been moaning about from the FA – people who can not giving a toss about local fans…

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