We found this at the bottom of a coat pocket recently, after Liverpool’s flagship department store, Lewis’s, had closed its doors forever.

There’s a longer piece on SevenStreets about the demise of the Lewis’s, but this kind of summed up what the store meant to the city for us, and what the city meant for the store.

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  1. See the “New Additions” album on my website for pics around Lewis’s over the closing days…lots more will be added on a new album…” Lewis’s…the last days”…..soon.


    Gerard Fleming..

  2. Just worked out after nearly an hour you have to click my name at the top to see my website and my Lewis’s photographs……brilliant idea !!…

    Lots of UNUSUAL pics to be added….inc..the hidden 5th floor toilet that looks like it is still in use…some 15/20 years or whatever after it closed..

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