Don’t be put off by the title – this little hour-long programme on ‘the 4’ sees writer/poet Paul Fleming explore the actually-fairly-complex Scouse accent in a fascinating, fun way. And not a Stan Boardman in sight. Hopefully.

Over a pot of Liverpool’s finest stew, Farley delves into the accent’s origins and usage via archive recordings and interviews, as well as exploring the various modern mutations of it. He’s joined by special guests Willy Russell, Roger McGough, broadcaster Gillian Reynolds and Michael Angelis, which might be the Scousest dinner party this side of your nan’s kitchen.

It’s good every now and again to go back to the roots of our workings – even though many of us assume we know the hows and whys of our accent, it’s interesting to hear it played out and explained by people who really do know their stuff. Recommended.

Saturday 28 March
BBC Radio 4
8 – 9pm

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