Chances are in some of the more tourist-themed shops in town you can find books about learning to talk like a scouser – all the vernacular and colloquialisms and glottal fricatives (that’s your chiccccccckens).

Exactly where the scouse accent has come from, exactly why it keeps changing (Beryl Bainbridge voiced her utter bafflement at modern scouse accents just a few years ago) and what it conjures in others is an enduring topic of discussion – so it should come as no surprise that a group of Liverpool John Moores University students have chosen the topic as their final project for a Media Professional Studies degree.

You can watch the documentary below, which features talking heads like Roger McGough and some very nifty animation and shots of the modern Liverpool. We thought the latter would make a great title sequence for a rebooted Brookside).


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10 Responses to “Learn yerself Scouseology”

  1. Mike Donnelly

    Can’t bear listening to scousers talking about scouse accents – makes my toes curl. And while I’m at it, the overuse of the word BOSS is starting to get on my tits. I’m off for a lie down. La.

  2. Spotted Dick

    The subject matter for the LJMU students show be “Professional Scousers and Scallywags”  eg, John Bishop,Jimmy Tarbuck, Cilla Black, Billly Butler, ad nauseam ! 

  3. Stephen O'Neill

    Not a very rigorous, or contemporary, examination. Roger McGough? A comedian from Ormskirk? There is definite scope for an “entertaining documentary on Liverpool’s dialect and accent”, but I’m afraid this wasn’t it.

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