Our favourite co-conspirator, Kof, is set for a blistering return to the city next month, with a gig at House on March 7. If you’ve not seen the man in action, we hereby command you to clear a space in your diary. Live? He owns it.

“Three years of creating it and I finally have my debut album back from being mastered today. It’s an amazing feeling,” he says, of The Beautiful Struggle – a set that, he says, not only encompasses the journey that he’s been on while recording it, but also reflects a trek we all take to ‘find, realise and embody what our true dreams and passions are.’

Scheduled for release mid summer, ‘The Beautiful Struggle’ not only showcases Kof’s production and writing chops but also highlights his increasingly wide-screen influences. “I’ve never wanted to be an artist that was confined to any particular genre and this is proof of that,” he says of a collection that, within its orbit, takes in Soul, Hip-Hop/Rnb, Jazz, Old Skool Garage and funk.

“This album is a melting pot of everything that’s played a role in making me who I am. I think the most important part about any debut album is that you give the listener your honesty,” he says. “Let them know where you came from and how you got there.”

With an acoustic UK tour scheduled for early March, musical journeys to South Africa in May, and a full seven piece band headline tour in the works, it might seem as if the beautiful struggle is somewhat done and dusted with?

“I’ve come to realise is that we should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness, but with the happiness of pursuit,” says the man.

We’re not gonna argue with that.

“The first single entitled ‘Chances’ is scheduled for a late March release. Sorry, drop. But you can keep up to date with everything that is going on via www.thebeautifulstruggle.co.uk as well as @KOFmusic on Instagram and Twitter.

March 7

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