They say trust in the BBC is at an all time low. Really? Auntie Beeb showing a serious lack of decency and empathy? Surely not. Surely, in the months after Kelvin MacKenzie admitted to lying and trashing the memory of 96 of us, they’d have more tact than to show an episode of Would I Lie To You tonight, wouldn’t they?

Er, no. They wouldn’t. Nor would team captain Lee Mack (a Southport lad) dare say anything off script (a bit like fellow traitor, and Sun apologist, Stephen Graham, recently lauded in a sycophantic PR piece by Catherine Jones in The Echo). At times like these, you know who your friends are.

SevenStreets scribe, Johnny Meadowcroft complained – rightly in our opinion – that it was disrespectful and wholly inappropriate to air the programme, while proceedings were continuing, and old wounds are still raw. The month after, lest we forget, the Hillsborough Independent Panel concluded that up to 41 of the 96 fatalities might have been saved had they received prompt medical treatment. Time to air a comedy programme starring the chief broadcaster of the lies? A programme that makes fun of the panellists’ ability to concoct tall stories?

What do you think?

“We understand you’re unhappy Kelvin MacKenzie will be on the programme as you feel he’s an inappropriate choice of guest,” says the BBC.

“This is a repeat of an episode first broadcast when Kelvin Mackenzie appeared as one of the panellists. We have taken extra care to check that there are no references to Hillsborough during the programme or to the Sun’s reporting or the city of Liverpool in light of the recent Hillsborough report.

We’d also like to assure you we’ve registered your complaint on our audience log.”

So, it took him 23 years before his self-serving apology. And, in that time, he’s hardly been off the BBC’s channels, pontificating and preaching his singular brand of shit. And the BBC stands by their man. Like they did in the 70s, really.

We have a suggestion, instead of tuning in to BBC 1 tonight, watch this. And then write to complain.

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