As much as we love the festive season, it’s also a bit, y’know, rubbish. It’s cold, and it rains, and it snows, and basically it’s not summer.

The highlight of our summer this year was the Kazimier’s new outdoor garden – a ramshackle, sun-speckled bit of land out the back of one of our favourite venues. There were workshops, screenings, gigs, and afternoon drinking. It was a lot of fun, and a much-needed outdoor space, filled with good vibrations, in that part of town. It made total sense in the context of the Kazimier and what they bring to the city, but we thought we’d seen the last of it until next summer.

The gardens closed its doors in September – who wants to sit outside all night when it’s freezing? But news comes today that the venue are re-opening the space, covered, and with heating for the next month. If there’s not a log fire and piano we can stand next to and pretend to be Bing Crosby/David Bowie, we’ll be upset.

Details are a bit sketchy as of yet, but the garden makes its official reappearance next Friday (30th November), until Christmas. We’ll see you down there.

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