Since Static Gallery were slapped with a Noise Abatement Notice last month by a disgruntled neighbour, the way the city centre functions has been a pretty hot topic. Coupled with the council’s Cumulative Impact Policy, it’s reached a tipping point.

Static Gallery themselves are holding a debate early next month on how Liverpool is – and should – be functioning as a modern city centre. One that houses bars, restaurants, clubs, and apartments that co-exist just like, y’know, any other city in the entire world.

It’s a muddy, divisive issue. Static have invited Daniel Hunt, Ladytron supremo and a man who’s experience of not only playing in but living in the city centre, alongside architect Doug Clelland and the city council’s Steve Munby to thrash out the issues surrounding it all.

It’s not just a case of venues vs. pissed off residents, either. There’s a deeper issue here – how is the city itself meant to grow, push forward, and become a thriving place to rival cultural hubs like London, Berlin or New York when there’s constant roadblocks in place? Just what does Liverpool want for itself? Who is the city for? We’re looking forward to hearing the conclusions.

Liverpool: Capital of Culture?
6pm, Thursday 2nd Feb (5pm doors for drinks)
Static Gallery, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool
Email: to confirm attendance

– Image via Culturepool

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