Yeah, ok, full disclosure, their keyboard player had seriously dodgy hair, and now rants about restaurants for kicks… but this is a great, warm and anecdote-stuffed primer on all you need to know about the great man himself, and his unlikely protégés: the fourth greatest band ever to come from Birkenhead.

H is For Half Man Half Half Biscuit. “When I die, I want them buried with me,” the great man says. This mini documentary offers a fun six minute history lesson – showing just how long ago 1986 was: and what Whitechapel looked like before Ted Baker and the shooter bars.

They did trials for Factory records, you know…

Probe’s Geoff Davies says he loved it immediately. I have a feeling it was the lovely Annie who made him see sense… Or not.

David Lloyd

Relive it all. Watch the six minute documentary here.

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