Tonight sees the return of one of the Liverpool Comedy Festival’s regular highlights, as ‘Local Legend’ (his agent requested that bit) Jake Mills and former Casualty and Hollyoaks star, James Redmond team up once again for their third festival show in as many years.

The two met in Liverpool’s Rawhide Club a few years ago, as James was doing his first gig and Jake was ripping into Hollyoaks, completely unaware of James’ ‘colleagues’ in the audience. Since then, they’ve developed a friendship which many critics have branded as ‘unlikely’ over the years.

“People call us an unlikely pairing, which is a bit annoying. They might as well just come out and say it; this big, tall handsome guy and his little mate, Jake.” Mills said.

“We’ve become good mates over the years and have been able to help each other develop along the way. Our festival shows are just about getting everyone together and having a good time. There’s no showing off, no making people feel uncomfortable, nothing like that. We both have a turn and enjoy ourselves. Then we all get together for a good drink and dance afterwards.”

The pairing have attracted much attention over the years and are always one of the first one the list. “From the minute we finish our show, we’re looking forward to the next year. We’ve been made to wait a little longer this time but now it’s here, we really can’t wait to get going”.

Jake and James have sold out their show in the last two festivals and it’s looking to be the same again this year’s one off on Friday night. The show starts at 8.45 on 5th October in Baa Bar on Myrtle Street.

Jake Mills
Liverpool Comedy Festival
5 October
Baa Baa
Myrtle Street

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