Seen those pianos sitting around in Liverpool One recently? SevenStreets has and was tempted to go and bash out a shonky version of Lady Madonna recently, with only a broken thumb stopping us.

The appearance is down to the inaugural Liverpool One official piano busking festival. Yes, there is such a thing.

Anyone can join in at certain points throughout the day – or you can book a slot for yourself or a group – and even keep any busked cash.

A bit of noise and activity reflects far better on the city’s creative side – and musical heritage – than the corporate-art bauble sitting atop Chavasse Park at the moment, but maybe that’s just us.

This is all very nice and an imaginative use of public space, though we’ve heard at least 20 appalling renditions of Chopsticks over the last few weeks – and whoever said ebony and ivory go together in perfect harmony? Not always, Lord Macca, not always.

NB. For the record the list of tunes we might get around to playing are Night Train, Maple Leaf Rag, Money Money Money, Seal Lullaby, Lady Madonna and the little-known 24-bar blues piece Pole-axed Man Blues – so keep your ears open.

Tickle the Ivories
Liverpool One
Until 4 September

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  1. I’m pretty sure Tom Waits was playing earlier, sadly accompanied by an upper-middle-aged professional female vocalist (see: the woman at karaoke who belts out M People songs thinking she’s amazing but is in fact totally jarg).

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