How do you punch your way through the seasonal choirs of Kirsty, Noddy and Shaky? Liverpool’s Garfangle & The Goods (aka The Nihilites, with a little help from St Helens’ Sing Out Choir) release their addition to the Christmas cannon, World At One (Make Believe This Christmas Time), in not one, but 12 different languages.

Celebrating the diversity of Liverpool 2012, the song invites twelve (extra)ordinary people from twelve different countries to explore the universal themes of love, hope, family. And falling over.

“The song began life as a pick me up for family and friends struggling with jobs and other worries in the run-up to Christmas,” says songwriter Garth Jones.

“From there the idea just grew and grew and before you knew it we had twelve different versions, in twelve different languages, twelve for 2012. Not that we speak all those languages, mind! But that’s the incredible thing about Liverpool, there are just so many different cultures right here on your doorstep.”

The lads plan to play the tune out at pop-up dates throughout the city, and it’s available from iTunes, Amazon and all online retailers from tomorrow, December 12th, and in a mystery translation each day until Christmas.

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