In the next article in our series on living in the city centre, another Liverpool city resident explains why living in town is unique.

I live on Hotham Street, having moved here because of my husband. But I do love having city life on my doorstep.

Being able to get to work, the pub and shops in minutes makes living in the city centre so great. Plus it is brilliant being so close to Lime Street station. It feels like we can be anywhere we want!

On the downside there are no recycling options from the council; I feel guilty, but not guilty enough to have lots of separate bins and take the weekly trip to Otterspool dump.

Another thing I miss is not having a garden. I’d love to be able to barbeque on those two good days we get a year.

It can be messy around here too: dog dirt and broken bottles are all a common feature on our street. Not to mention ticket touts.

I see some interesting things on my walk to work before 5am – most of it unrepeatable. There was a rat I saw every day coming out of the same little hole. The hole was filled – I don’t see Roland anymore!

I love to look online at other properties in the city centre and am impressed by some of the high-spec places on offer. I would love to be able to afford a town house in the Georgian Quarter. A small matter of around half aa million quid stands between me and my dream home.

Overall I am excited to see the changes happening around London Road. It is a prime spot for redevelopment and, all being well, it will have a good facelift in the next few years. That would make me and my mortgage happy!

Plus no city beats Liverpool for a spontaneous day out in the sunshine.

Image by DesignPeopleMe, Flickr

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  1. “no city beats Liverpool for a spontaneous day out in the sunshine.”

    Nailed it in one. Having sampled living in and around MANY cities in my years, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. On the things that actually matter in life, Liverpool city centre offers a quality of live unparalleled, and I’ve never been happier since I moved here.

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