Let’s get one thing straight. We never promised the internet we’d be faithful. And, if we’re really honest, our first love has always been paper. Crisp, white, thick paper. With bright print, information-loaded graphics, big, bold illustrations and gorgeous photography.

So, for our third birthday (it’s today. Yeah, thanks) we’re giving you a little gift. The SevenStreets Almanac is born. The first issue, of our first ever print newspaper.

Within its huge pages you’ll find our favourite pieces from the website, as well as exclusive-to-print features, specially commissioned graphics and a sprinkling of recommended city events. And Issue 1 is just the first chapter of our new urban adventure.

It’s the same formula you’ll find on here but, thanks to our continued investment in technology, our all-new ‘mobile application’ comes with 70gsm wi-fi paper, a glare-free interface and (local) intel inside.

From now on, we’re changing. SevenStreets Almanac and will work together to map out the city beneath our feet: but where we think a feature works better with juicy graphics, or supersized photos, we’ll give it the full Almanac treatment. And when it’s something new, now or notable it’ll go online first. If it’s a listing for somewhere we think visitors to the city need to know about, it’ll be added to our tourist site, Together, we’ll have this city covered. And you’re joining us on the adventure.

Liverpool’s printed indie media has never been stronger, or move vibrant. We hope SevenStreets Almanac can add to that, and occupy a space for longer-form features, frank opinion and short stories from the restless city. We’re learning. Issue 1 isn’t perfect. Which is good. It means issue 2 can be better.

As you read this, 10,000 copies are being disseminated around the city’s culture, leisure, retail and office spaces. You’ll be able to pick up a copy in hundreds of places of over the next couple of months. And there’ll always be a fresh supply, every morning, at Unit 51 Coffee, at the Baltic Creative Campus, Jordan Street (our home, come say hello).

We remain curious, and we remain committed to unearthing the best that Liverpool has to offer, showcasing Liverpool’s most creative, enterprising and brilliant businesses and people.

The Almanac will feature our best writing, on the city’s best bits.

It’s our love letter to Liverpool.

SevenStreets would like to thank all our lovely contributors for their help in delivering our first born into the world.

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19 Responses to “Introducing: The SevenStreets Almanac”

  1. Paul Linehan

    I picked up a copy yesterday in the Hard Days Night and have read it from cover to cover already. Really excellent job and already can’t wait for the next issue…

  2. Viv Hughes

    Yep, seems like they don’t understand what almanac means, do they? They need the SevenStreets Dictionary before they make themselves look stupid again.

  3. Paul Cook

    Just picked up a copy from the Bluecoat. Excellent work. Thanks for producing this. Maybe I’m being greedy, but a new issue every month would be lovely! 😉

  4. david_lloyd

    We called ourselves, from day one, an online almanac of the city (it’s here so we liked the idea of taking the old ‘almanac’ concept (monthly tide tables, farming advice and predictions ) and re-booting it for a monthly part-work, exploring the shifting city. It’s not a new concept, have a quick Google. Monthly almanacs are quite common. We’ve moved on a bit since Old Moore, as has the word. But we always enjoy the possibility of looking stupid. We’d hate to think we knew too much.

  5. david_lloyd

    we have an online order form, and we’d love for you to have one. But it’s not really something that’d help plan your visit, in that sense. It’s more a read about the city, rather than a guide to what’s on. Hope you have a nice time up here!

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