Two years ago, we embarked on a journey to rediscover the city under our feet. We’re amazed, and dead chuffed, that so many of you have come along with us. And it’s a voyage that continues. Hooray! But out and about in Liverpool, we’ve bumped into tourists from places like Venezuela, Boston, Reykjavik and, er, Inverness. They told us one thing: they’d really value a site that pulled back a little. Gave some context. A site which, when they arrived in the city for a weekend, gave them a huge virtual pointy hand saying ‘HELLO! YOU ARE HERE’. A site which showed, rather than told.

We’re pleased to finally bring you a project we’ve been squirreling away on for months. Liverpool Underlined is a brand new website we’ve launched as part of the SevenStreets family. We hope you love it.

What is it?

It’s a new, independent tourism site for people who are looking to visit our ace city. Where SevenStreets is, and always will be, primiarly a site for us locals, we realised last year that there just wasn’t any good resource for out-of-towners or international visitors to do their research on decent stuff before they visit here. The region has a number of official tourism sites already, and they do their job, getting the crowds into the biggest and most popular attractions. But for too long, it’s just been these big-budget places that have been pitched to tourists as the extent of our cultural offering. And it’s really, really not.

We wanted a site for people who are curious, smart, savvy city travellers looking to get under the skin of Liverpool: hunting down great independents, the DIY, grassroots and thrilling things that makes our city really bloody brilliant. We don’t care how old they are, how much money they’ve got to spend, or where they’re coming from. We just want to tell them about good stuff. We’ve been working on the idea for the best part of a year, and we’re excited to finally put it online.

What’s on it?

We wanted to get visitors excited and interested about another side of Liverpool. It’s about mapping out the city for people in a different way. Giving visitors the chance to explore, click around, learn about the great independent heart of the city, and put things on their ‘must see’ list. We’ll be doing crash-course guides to getting visitors’ heads around the city: festivals and events, curiosities, pub tours and itineraries. There’s also essential information: how to travel to Liverpool, how to get around the city, and places to stay.

But in time we want to filter through the more listings-based stuff SevenStreets covers, the gigs and the exhibitions and the festivals and the events, and make it as relatable and easy to understand as possible. So, with Underlined, we’ll be able to give visitors some context about the stuff we feature on SevenStreets. What’s the venue? Where can you find it? What’s on around it? Where can you stay?

We’ve picked out and written over 400 individual listings in the region: areas, places, bars, hotels have their own pages to give people easy-to-view information about what we’re banging on about. It’s been designed with mobiles and tablets in mind too, so we hope it’ll also be of use to visitors who are already here and looking for somewhere good to go.

Something I like is missing off the site and I am angry about this

Chill out a bit. Underlined is going to continue to grow and morph. We’ll be continually adding (or subtracting, if things disappear) listings. But we won’t be including everything: these are things we, personally, think are great or that would be of use to tourists. It’s not meant as a comprehensive guide to the city, just like SevenStreets isn’t either.

What about SevenStreets?

We’ll still be doing the exact same thing that we always do on SevenStreets. Culture, cool stuff, conversation, getting legal threats, all that. It’s what gets us up in the morning (that and a Bloody Mary). We love this city, we give a shit about it, and we love that you love it.

Liverpool Underlined is just a simple distillation of that, a way for tourists and visitors to make sense of a city that, quite often, can be hard to understand and get to grips with. And it goes for us too. That’s why we’re still trying to figure it all out.

7 Responses to “SevenStreets introduces: Liverpool Underlined”

  1. Great work.

    For years I’ve circulated a draft email I wrote with a few of our hidden gems on to pass to friends on their way up because I’ve always struggled to find a decent website for Liverpool that doesn’t just list the tourist traps or landmarks.

    I’ve lived here all my life but I’m still excited about delving in to your listings to see what I’ve missed. Great works on the pleasingly slick UI too.

  2. Nice work – here’s to it becoming Liverpool’s “Time Out” (in popularity, at least).

    One tiny little niggle – would you edit your database and change ‘Business District’ to ‘Commercial District’ ??

    The Commercial District is the name of Liverpool’s business district, and people are directed to “Commercial District” on various signs, including coming out of Moorfields underground.

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