cantmixwontmixCantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix – definitely not the easiest of names to pronounce and the crew behind it aren’t the easiest of people to track down – six months after mooting the idea for an interview we managed to get the motley DJing crew together to answer our quick fire questions, just in time for their Chibuku gig this weekend.

First things first, introductions. Who’s who and what’s what?

CantMix (Jay Jay da Funk), WontMix (Matt Seamless), ShdntMix (Bobby Mowack), DontMix (Chris Carney/X-Ray Cat), Jazzbo (jazzbo), KenMix (Kenny) and we all play boss tunes and

Secondly, that name. How did it come about?

WM – A long story that will no doubt be told online sometime. Basically a friend presented me a snowflake which was promptly rolled and thrown, it missed the target and has continued to gather pace ever since.

How did you all meet?

SM – Funnily enough we all pretty much met below a car valeting place at a rave that we’d put on. When I say we met there, this was the place our lives became more implicitly intertwined.

DM – We came together through a shared sense of humour, taste in music and a healthy disliking of DJ snobbery.

WM – like Robin Hood and his band of merry men we steal from the technically adept and give to those that don’t care.

Describe what you ‘do’ in one sentence.

SM – Give people who want to be DJs a glimmer of hope. That along with give people who don’t want to be DJs a glimmer of hope.

WM – Basically we play music we like in a manner that makes it interesting – one tune each on rotation with no preparation – and because we are constantly introducing new tracks to each other it remains fresh and dynamic.

Does it ever get a bit crowded behind the decks?

CM – we’ve all had our moments, bagpipes, sweary ghetto tech in bars and I had to talk Bobby out of playing Bros a few weeks ago. Other than that it’s like being in a boss band
without the shitty indie tunes.

Any arguments over who wants to play what? Tales of backstabbing and one-upmanship or are you a harmonious bunch?

DM – It’s a total love in back there, I’m surprised none of us has bore a child.

Best gig?

CM – Lake of Stars closing, deffo. I love our annual Standon Calling jaunt, it’s a brilliant festival. Shame I slept through the last one.

WM – Lake of Stars was amazing but also bittersweet as Chris was really ill, and also Kenny hadn’t joined yet. So I think from an all round Mixnot perspective it was Chibuku in June – we hosted Ink on what was the 5th anniversary to the day of the first ever CantMixWontMix gig and it was a great way to celebrate the life of our happy accident.

SM – For me… I think so many, for so many reasons. Last set of the Lake of Stars, personally such a special gig and one that brought me full circle and gave me some real closure with my time in Malawi feeling my work there was done and the feeling of dancing around on the beach with my bezzies in the sunshine drinking gin at 8am with wild smiles around us. It was one of those Goonies moments.

DM – Mine was the first Creamfields gig. Looking out at hundreds of people dancing to the tunes of a few daft mates who never practice and never plan out what they’re going to play. It still doesn’t quite seem like it was real. Lake of Stars was good when I wasn’t dying of dysentery.

Worst gig?

SM – John Moores University Leavers Ball. Fire alarm went off, three asthma attacks, 200 people walked out, the bar got closed down. On the upside, Seamless graduated.

WM – Worst.Gig.Ever.

Any hilarious stories you’d like to share?

SM – This is the hardest question we’ve ever been asked. So many funnies. Half of them are unprintable and the rest probably won’t translate.

WM – We always have a laugh, even when we shouldn’t, so it’s hard to pinpoint one…

Favourite record of all time ever (one from each please!)

CM – Gabrielle – Roy Davis Jr
WM – Brown Paper Bag – Roni Size & Reprazent
SM – Good Vibrations – Beach Boys
DM – Love & Happiness – Al Green
JZ – Les Nuits – Nightmares on Wax
KN – Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac

What’s coming up next? Plug away!

It’s all about Chibuku 22nd October with us in the Bar/Ink all night long with Hudson Mohwke, DJ Yoda, Erol Alkan, L-VIS 1990, James Rand, Rich Furness, Jess Gascoigne. It’s gonna be
a hoot!

For more information on the lads, check out

WIN! If you fancy heading down to check out CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix as well as cut and paste superstar DJ Yoda and electro maestro Erol Alkan (right), we have two pairs of tickets to giveaway. Enter the following ways:

– Email (subject ‘Chibuku’) with your name and contact number
– Retweet the Chibuku link from our Twitter page
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We’ll pick two winners at random at 1pm on Friday, who’ll both get a pair of tickets.

Chibuku @ The Masque, Saturday 22nd October
Seel St, Liverpool
£15 / £13 10pm – 3am
with Erol Alkan, James Rand, DJ Yoda (AV set), Hudson Mohawke, Lvis 1990 9dj set with MC Shadz, Jess Gascoigne, Cantmixwontmix – all night long.

0151 706 8045 /
Ticketline: 0161 832 1111

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