What happens when stars collide? Well, technically, they usually just form bigger stars. Or, if it’s a glancing blow, they may coalesce into a binary system. But enough A level astronomy.

Four of Liverpool’s brightest creative types have combined to create Intergalactic Megatron, a stellar (enough astronomy, imaginary ed) bi-monthly night consisting of…well, just about anything that captures their collective imaginations (we’re using bi-monthly in the ‘once every two months’ fashion, by the way).

The artists’ collective consists of Vicky Roberts, Gary ‘Horse’ McGarvey (he of the lovely posters), Kayleigh Heap and Christopher Tyler. Their mission? ‘To create exactly the sort of night we’ve always wanted to go to.’

Within their orbit (damn, just one more) the foursome willingly capture super 8mm, mannequins, electric chairs, audio visual gubbins and red raw post rock.

Their first themed night – Chaos! – lands in the city this Saturday with &u&l, Shapes and Gigantes – and lots of added extras as yet still under wraps. The perfect night-before training session for the Liverpool Marathon, we’d say. But then, we’re not actually running.

Ahead of lift off, we caught up with the crew…

What strange gravity brought you together?

I think we wanted to start a night that we would want to go to ourselves, not something that had to be compromised because we needed to make money.

We wanted to start something that was a bit different, making the most of the creative people we know in the city and getting them together to create something a little bit different, using the basic set up of a gig as a base but introducing film/visuals/illustration/exhibitions/props and so on into the equation too and seeing what we came up with.

It’s funny the way it happened. Me and Tyler had discussed doing something like this for ages, then after the Fucked Up show in Kazimier we bumped into Vicky who had the same ideas with Kayleigh so we thought we’d bang heads and see what we came up with.

It’s something that can and will grow in its content over the next few months, as we get more people involved to make it as interactive and entertaining as we can, we’re excited about where we can take this. (Horse)

What are you hoping the events will achieve?

Excitement. We want to create something fun and something that people will look forward to and want to be involved in creatively. We’ve been asked to make it a monthly event and turned down the offer because we want to put in our full creative effort and give the artists as much time as possible to create something spectacular instead of a half hearted effort. The key thing with our event is to ‘think outside the box’, keep people guessing, entertained and excited. (Kayleigh)

How do you select the line-up?

Firstly we decide on a central theme, we try to make it quite broad so that people’s take on it can be vastly different. We’ve all got quite a vast knowledge of the talents people in the city possess so we approach people who’s output suits and see if they’re into it. Luckily for us, they have been! What’s surprised us all is how many people have approached us with skills we knew nothing about, we’ve already got so much material for forthcoming shows.

We’ve also had loads of strangers email us and ask to be involved with subsequent productions. It’s great that people engage with the idea of the night and see a place for their work in it before we’ve had the first one! Ultimately, we’re trying to create a night that’s unique, a little bizarre, but ultimately cohesive. We want the acts we pick to compliment each other and create a great show, but also adhere to the theme. It’s great to have so much to pick from. (Vicky)

What can we expect from the opening event, Chaos?

Expect the unexpected! We keep finding little things to add to it, so we’re not totally sure we know the final plan yet. Despite the fact it’s in one room, there will be different areas of interest. We don’t want to reveal too much beyond what we’ve already said, but we’d like it to mess with your mind a little! (Vicky)

Intergalactic Megatron presents Chaos! 
MelloMello, Slater Street 



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