After spending so long tending to our Bebo, Friendster, Faceparty and Myspace pages, we realised that we should probably get on board with Instagram as well now. We know, we know. We’re only a billion years late with it. But that makes it more fun for us. It’s basically the only social network that hasn’t been invaded by our mums yet.

We’ve been lurking for a long time on there, but now’s a good time as any to get involved a bit more: team SevenStreets will be snapping good/not good/weird stuff when we’re out and about across the region, as well as picking some of the loveliest and most striking images from our online features and forthcoming projects – more on those very soon. And we PROMISE we won’t be taking pictures of our dinner. Not many, anyway.

We’re over at While you’re at it, if you’ve not already, say hello on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well for the full 360 degree SevenStreets ‘experience’.

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