It’s a good day for the Phil. The RLPO has been awarded enhanced investment in today’s Arts Council funding announcement, securing an award of £2,231,646.

This figure includes a growth of £150,000 on Liverpool Philharmonic’s 2014-15 level of funding as a National Portfolio Organisation (one of 700 top tier culture houses in the UK).

The additional funding of £150,000 has been made specifically to support Liverpool Philharmonic’s much-lauded rebirth as an artistically innovative and forward-thinking hub of classical and emerging music, its diverse programme of the best home-grown and touring concerts, and its impressive plans for a new second space being built as part of the multi-million pound refurbishment that currently sees the hall in an enforced ‘silent season’.

The Hall will reopen in November this year – its 75th anniversary year.

“Arts Council England has made significant investment in the refurbishment of our home,” says Michael Eakin, Chief Executive, “so we are grateful for their continuing confidence in providing enhanced support.”

“The on-going support of Liverpool City Council is also crucial to the bigger picture of today’s announcements on NPO funding for Liverpool’s cultural organisations, which overall, show a good day for our city.”

In the week that Simon Glinn, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s Executive Director takes over as Chief Executive of Buxton Opera House (we wish him well), it’s great to see the Phil looking forward to making good their thrilling and ambitious plans. Vasily’s dream of a waterfront concert hall will just have to take a back seat for the immediate future!

Meanwhile, FACT secured the same level of funding – the amount they requested.

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