Went to the X Factor auditions yesterday? Got dragged off stage by that women from N Dubz? Maybe that dream you had was just a little lost in translation. It’s easily done. Maybe you weren’t destined to go into show business… maybe it was shoe business.

Bear with us on this one…

Just in time for summer, our favourite bespoke handbag making duo, Nook and Willow have started their shoemaking workshops. And, right now, they’re offering sandal making masterclasses for everyone keen on showing a fine pair of heels and a vajzazzley strap or two on Formby beach this season.

“This is really something we can offer everyone, why don’t you come down,” they ask SevenStreets, “we could help you make a pair of mandals.”

The course is ‘A Load Of Cobblers’ – a day long workshop which, over time will take in ballet shoes, heels and – for Gay Pride weekend – mansize stilettos. Maybe we’ll come back for that one. Our callouses ripped our Blahniks to shreds on the Lisbon float last year. We screamed for an emergency tank of hungry fish, but the parade had moved on.

“We’ll be creating our own range of shoes at some point but this is our first step in making this happen,” Nook and Willow’s Clare Wilson tells us.

“It’s for any level of experience..the other day we had a lady in her 60’s with huge bunions to accommodate and she ended up with a very fashion forward pair of sandals that fitted her knobbles like a glove…”

The course costs a mere £80 (£65 students) – and includes a light lunch with homemade cake, and all the materials you need.

Nook & Willow
Studio 2c
36 Seel Street
L1 4BE

0151 708 5576

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