Ah, Twitter. You’re smarter than you look, aren’t you? We give you 140 characters, you give our followers a psychological profile worthy of the most intensive counselling session. Or something approaching it.

In the first of an occasional series, SevenStreets snoops on a selection of Liverpool twitter accounts. And, in just ten random tweets plucked from their feed, we think you’ll learn all you need to know.

We love the fact that Twitter outsmarts all those PR dollars, branding guidelines and the press releases when it comes to getting up to speed on the real story. Which is why, sometimes, you don’t need a one thousand word feature from us to get under the skin of the city’s people, places and events.

We kick off our series with the Hilton’s in-house club for movers and shakers – and sometime star of Desperate Scousewives, The Playground.

The exclamatorily excessive Playground account is over at @playgroundl1, should you feel the need to be bombarded with dubious claims (the first UK nightclub to get global press, anyone?), misguided comparisons to other clubs, slight celeb gossip and woo-hoo shout outs.

The club’s been attracting some serious coverage – and its Pornstar Mojito cocktails are on the lips of the city’s beautiful people most weekends (if we’re to believe everything we read in By Invitation Only. And we do). So, if you’ve had a spare £500 been burning a hole in your Cricket kecks, and you’ve remained undecided about joining the fun at Forbidden Circus, Retrosexual, or any other of the Playground themed nights (and if you were keen to own a membership card designed by Alex Curran) maybe these tweets will swing it one way or the other.

Bring it on!!!! Live ur life be free!!!

The Playground Tweets


2: How much wood would a wood chuk chuck if a wood chuk could chuck wood ?

3: There clubbing and there’s partying and then there’s raving AND then there’s #playtiming !!!!! Live ur life be free u know u can have it all!!!

4: What Yummy Mummy is going to win the hottest mum for mothers day in Playground this sunday mmmm I wonder ????? I have a couple in mind lol

5: Playground has more Twitter followers in its first 2 months then Cream has currently got and it was Liverpools First Superclub !!!!

6: Dear Mummy if I die tonight from Champagne overdose I want u to know there was no where better to spend it then in Playground BIG NIGHT !!!!

7: Who is up for some more giant bottles of champagne??!?

8: Liz McClarnon was @ #PlayGround last #week…which celebs will be there #tonight?

9: Playground Liverpool is the most talked about NightClub in the UK right now !!! First UK Nightclub to make GLOBAL Press !!!!

10: Just had a message “what happened last night in Playground S*** like that don’t happen in Liverpool” hahahahahahaha #takeover time !!!!!!

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