David MorrisseyWas he really in the frame for Doctor Who? What about that famous off-screen, ahem, chemistry with Sharon Stone? All (or possibly none) of these questions will be fired at returning actor, David Morrissey, when he takes the stage for the latest in the In Conversation With… series.

Basic Instict 2 aside, Morrissey’s one of our most lauded thesps. His grumpy Gordon Brown in Stephen Frears’ The Deal captured the truculent one’s turbulent relationship with Blair, while revealing Brown’s warm and cuddly side too. We doubt there’s many actors who’d have delved so deeply to get closer to the truth of a character.

Perhaps that’s why Morrissey’s never short of small screen roles where inner turmoil, mid-life ennui and private passions bubble and toil away just below the surface – we’re sure his Everyman Youth Theatre training was the perfect foundation.

In an age where intelligent, long-form TV dramas are once again a key gig for respected actors, Morrissey is one of the medium’s master craftsmen. And we’re sure, given the right role, an HBO series is just around the corner. He’d have been perfect in Mad Men (yeah, we know, that was AMC, but you get the idea).

Morrissey’s chat will be soundtracked by local bands playing some of his favourite music.

Pic: Brian Roberts

In Conversation with David Morrissey, 24 November
St George’s Hall Small Concert Room
Tickets £15, www.clubgeekchic.co.uk

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